Props & Futures
Atlanta - 10/22/2019
Future Odds Status
7/1/2019 - Who Will Rule Westeros at End of Season 8 (Sit on Iron Throne)
Bran Stark 5-1 Final
Jon Snow 180-100 Final
Sansa Stark 225-100 Final
Daenarys Targaryen 475-100 Final
Tyrion Lannister 4-1 Final
Gendry 10-2 Final
Arya Stark 8-1 Final
Cersei Lannister 10-1 Final
The Night King 10-1 Final
Samwell Tarly 12-1 Final
Jamie Lannister 25-1 Final
Davos Seaworth 60-1 Final
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