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Player to Score First TD - 7/23/2019
Future Odds Status
9/16/2018 - Player to Score First Touchdown: Raiders @ Broncos (All Bets Action) (Listed Players Offensive TD Only)
M Lynch (OAK) 10-1 Final
D Thomas (DEN) 15-2 Final
R Freeman (DEN) 7-1 Final
E Sanders (DEN) 15-2 Final
J Nelson (OAK) 10-1 Final
A Cooper (OAK) 11-1 Final
P Lindsay (DEN) 11-1 Final
C Sutton (DEN) 15-1 Final
J Cook (OAK) 15-1 Final
Broncos DST (DEN) 15-1 Final
J Richard (OAK) 22-1 Final
J Heuerman (DEN) 22-1 Final
C Keenum (DEN) 22-1 Final
D Hamilton (DEN) 22-1 Final
Raiders DST (OAK) 22-1 Final
J Butt (DEN) 22-1 Final
S Roberts (OAK) 28-1 Final
D Martin (OAK) 33-1 Final
B LaFell (OAK) 35-1 Final
D Carr (OAK) 50-1 Final
L Smith (OAK) 50-1 Final
No Touchdown 50-1 Final
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